Jewellery Studio est.2018

Sui Generis // 2019

  1. Bold Panzer 
  2. Fargo Signet 
  3. Galia Hoops 
  4. Lola Peaks 
  5. Ora Bracelet 
  6. Gany Hoops 
  7. Hesse Hoops

The Classics // 2
  1. Everyday Hoops 
  2. Panzer Chain 
  3. Baby Panzer 
  4. Everyday Bold Rings
  5. Everyday Classic Rings 
  6. Hook Chain 
  7. Twin Organ 
  8. Organ hoops
  9. Baby Drop
  10. Organ Bangle
  11. Seahorse Pendant 

Sui Generis
Collection // 2019
Sui generis is a dynamic collection where content and design changes through the year. By experimenting with material and shape, we create independent jewellery pieces in combination with  collaborative photos or written narratives. The collection wants to show creativity and aesthetics through varieties of media and disciplines.

The Classics
Collection // 2018 
The Classics are made to be worn as everyday jewellery. Through this vision, the collection wants to explore how jewellery can interact with our everyday to develop as personified classics. Inspired by another classic, Walter Benjamins essay “the memory of things” where jewellery can act as memorial monuments that slowly become part of who we are.


Custom made Objects

ISA.COLLECTION welcomes personal orders, as long as it matches the brand's creative vision and values. We also make wedding rings in any material you wish. We do not accept silver or gold for remelting, or massive productions. We are a small design company that focuses on the art of handcraft and an environmentally friendly production.

Terms and Conditions 2019


All orders are handmade for your order, please allow one to three weeks of shipment. The prices are generated by ups ground services and based on product weight. There is a 5 euro handling fee in order to ensure the quality and safety of your package.

ISA.COLLECTION  takes the privacy of the customers very seriously, and do not collect information about you through our website in an effort to communicate with you about our products, services, and promotions. Neither your name nor anything about you is sold or shared with any other non-affiliated company or agency. ISA.COLLECTION have the right to stop or delay any order if fraud is suspected.

ISA.COLLECTION gladly accept unused items within 14 days of purchase. No returs on custom made objects. The customer is responsible for return shipping cost. Please email isacollectionoslo@gmail.com with any inquiries.

ISA.COLLECTION is happy to collaborate, answer your questions and custom request. We really appreciate working with all kinds of people and creative expressions.  We believe that the future of art and design lies in our approach to each other, and how we can gain motivation and strength in a more collective process and mindset. 

Blessings xx