Jewellery Studio est.2018

Sui Generis // 2019

  1. Bold Panzer 
  2. Fargo Signet 
  3. Galia Hoops 
  4. Lola Peaks 
  5. Ora Bracelet 
  6. Gany Hoops 
  7. Hesse Hoops

The Classics // 2
  1. Everyday Hoops 
  2. Panzer Chain 
  3. Baby Panzer 
  4. Everyday Bold Rings
  5. Everyday Classic Rings 
  6. Hook Chain 
  7. Twin Organ 
  8. Organ hoops
  9. Baby Drop
  10. Organ Bangle
  11. Seahorse Pendant 

Sui Generis
Collection // 2019
Sui generis is a dynamic collection where content and design changes through the year. By experimenting with material and shape, we create independent jewellery pieces in combination with  collaborative photos or written narratives. The collection wants to show creativity and aesthetics through varieties of media and disciplines.

The Classics
Collection // 2018 
The Classics are made to be worn as everyday jewellery. Through this vision, the collection wants to explore how jewellery can interact with our everyday to develop as personified classics. Inspired by another classic, Walter Benjamins essay “the memory of things” where jewellery can act as memorial monuments that slowly become part of who we are.


3. Galia Hoops

This timeless couple gives you a playful and classy look. Handmade with blue agate gemstone and sterling silver. Price by pair.

All jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Oslo. By only using the finest materials and gemstones, we create independent jewellery for all gender and vessels. Please allow two to four weeks for production and shipment.