Vision, philosophy 

and process

ISA.COLLECTION is a jewellery brand and studio that creates shapes to embody our masculine and feminine energies through design and craft. Established 2018 in Oslo by Madelen Isa Lindgren

“Our vision and philosophy wants to embody the creative process as a whole and transform this into a wearable piece. With inspiration from ancient, eastern mythology we searh for shapes and aestetichs that will interact with our masculine and feminie energies. The hand made production is more of a ritual procedure as the traces that appear in the crafting process expose both intimacy and relation to the jewellery.”
Every piece is carefully made by hand in OSLO. By only using the finest material and gemstones. They are vessels for you to carry out your own style and identity.

ISA.COLLECTION hopes to inspire people to support independent designers and artist so we can build up a more sustainable mindset towards slow fashion and local businesses.